cGDP Compliance in the „Cold Chain“ Logistics business activities and other relevant guidelines/norms/standards/directives. One of our many mission objectives is to plan, do, check, act and respect quality standards, the scope of multimodal solutions, law and legal obligations. Within the continuous measurements and monitoring processes of our clients' satisfaction, Primaco constantly improves quality and performance of multimodal services.

As a multimodal logistics service provider, Primaco is recognized as the ideal partner reagarding supply chain of medical equipment, pharmaceutical products and materials.

You, as a pharmaceutical manufacturer or medical company, can choose between a wide range of our services and take guaranteed advantage of our logistical skills demanded by the pharmaceutical industry, which includes:

- Safe and secure multimodal transport

- Compliance with cGDP regulations

- Value added services

- „Cold Chain“ transport and storage

- Risk assessment and management

Our multimodal services are successfully, annually audited which means, that or services meet and are fully compliant to regulations and quality requirements in the safety and security field of expertise, employee training, proper conduct, cleaning and maintenance procedures and strict adherence to SOPs.

Our existing clients within the pharmaceutical industry are complete evidence that we can meet their requirements, needs and also that we can succesfully solve every task assigned to us.

- Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity - Hippocrates

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